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The Importance of Wedding Decor in Photography and Videography

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories. Naturally, you want to capture every moment beautifully through photography and videography to relive those cherished memories for years to come. While wedding decor adds a touch of elegance and personality to your celebration, it's crucial to consider how it can potentially have a negative impact on your photos and videos if not thoughtfully planned and executed.

Cluttered Backgrounds

Wedding decor can sometimes clutter the background of your photos and videos, diverting attention away from the main subject – you and your partner. Overly intricate decor or too many elements in the frame can create visual distractions. For instance, if your ceremony backdrop is overly elaborate, it might overshadow your intimate exchange of vows, making it challenging for photographers and videographers to capture the essence of the moment.

Wedding tables in garden

Poor Lighting Conditions

Decor elements like dimly lit candles or excessive mood lighting can create challenging lighting conditions for photographers and videographers. Insufficient lighting can result in grainy or blurry images and videos, reducing the overall quality of your wedding memories. While romantic lighting can be beautiful in person, it may not translate well to camera.

Inconsistent Colour Schemes

Wedding decor often includes a range of colours and patterns. When not carefully curated, this can lead to colour clashes and visual discord in your photos and videos. Inconsistent colour schemes can make it difficult to achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look in your visual memories.

Obstructive elements

Decor elements, such as tall centerpieces or elaborate structures, can obstruct guests views of the proceedings as well as making it challenging for photographers and videographers to capture genuine reactions.

Wedding reception table

Distracting Reflections

Reflective surfaces, like mirrors, glass, or highly polished floors, can create unwanted reflections in your photos and videos. These reflections can distract from the main subject or obscure important details. Careful placement and angling of such decor elements are necessary to minimise these reflections.

Limited Angles and Perspectives

Elaborate decor can sometimes restrict the angles and perspectives that photographers and videographers can use to capture your wedding day. Bulky decor items may obstruct their view, making it challenging to find the best vantage points for shots. This limitation can lead to missed moments or less creative compositions.

Overpowering Themes

While themed decor can add character to your wedding, an excessively dominant theme can overshadow your personalities and the genuine emotions of the day. Photographers and videographers need to strike a balance between highlighting the decor and capturing the essence of your relationship.

Inaccessibility for Shots

Some decor pieces, such as hanging installations or intricate table arrangements, may be difficult to photograph or film effectively. If not properly considered during the planning stage, these inaccessible decor elements can hinder the ability to capture important moments.

To mitigate these potential negative impacts of wedding decor on your photos and videos, here are some tips:

Consult with Professionals

Work closely with your photographer and videographer during the early planning stages. They can provide valuable insights into how certain decor choices may affect the visual outcome of your wedding memories.

Simplify and Prioritize

Consider simplifying your decor choices to focus on quality over quantity. Choose a few impactful elements that enhance the overall atmosphere without overwhelming the visuals.

Luxury Wedding Table

Test Lighting

Prior to the wedding, test the lighting conditions created by your chosen decor elements to ensure they are camera-friendly. Make adjustments as needed.

Consider Space

Ensure that the layout of your decor allows for accessible angles and perspectives for photographers and videographers. Be mindful of where you and your guests will be positioned.

Elegant open air marquis

Coordinate Colour Schemes

Coordinate your decor colour schemes to create a harmonious visual palette. Consult with a professional wedding décor supplier or planner for guidance.

Minimize Reflective Surfaces

If your venue has reflective surfaces, explore ways to minimize reflections through strategic decor placement or adjustments to lighting.

Balance Themes

If you have a specific theme in mind, ensure it complements your personalities and doesn't overshadow the essence of your love story.

Remember that thoughtful planning and coordination with your photography and videography team are key to achieving stunning visuals that beautifully capture the magic of your wedding day. With careful consideration, you can strike a balance between the aesthetics of your decor and the ability to create timeless, high-quality photos and videos that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

These are examples of set ups that allowed a clear view of the wedding parties giving speeches, also meaning that the guests were able to see the people speaking and didn't cause a negative impact on photography and videography.


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Photos used in this article are stock photos (not from weddings we have filmed) to illustrate both the positive and negative aspects decor can have on photography and videography.


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