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Meaghan + William | Crear

We had the pleasure of attending and capturing the wedding of Meaghan and William. Both of them traveled over Scotland from Canada with their parents for their stunning wedding at Crear.

The couple and their family members were staying in Stirling before the wedding day, where we are from. This gave us the perfect opportunity to meet with the couple before their special day and catch a few beers with them. This is something that we usually don’t get a chance to do with most of our couples.

We headed up to Crear the night before the wedding and stayed close by so that we could take Meaghan and William to the beach. The couple shared their beautiful love story with us and we loved hearing how both of them came together. We were able to weave this adorable story into their wedding highlights which looked incredibly romantic in the film.

When we asked Meaghan and William about their favorite moment as a couple together. They shared with us how they went backcountry camping/ canoeing together. They spend a lot of good time together on that trip which led to their beautifully strong relationship. Meg and William spent a considerable amount of time fishing by the lake and enjoying each other's company. The couple told us how Meg pulled a Monster bass out of the Lake and that too by hands because the rod stopped reeling after bringing it in for a while. It was the most awesome and funny moment that they had together.

Meg and William were very excited to step forward in their life - together and strong. The couple had the most chilled and relaxed wedding at Crear. Their private wedding was what most of us just dream about- perfect and stunning. Talking with the couple, their love and support for each other was very evident and obvious. They were very excited to be a permanent part of each other’s life.

It is always amazing to know someone’s love story. The universe works in mysterious ways and the universe brought these two together to tie them into a beautiful knot of marriage. We were happy beyond words for the couple covering their cute story was the highlight of our day as well.

We feel overwhelmed by the fact that people trust us to make the most special moment of their life permanent on film. And we love doing that. Capturing the sweet raw emotions of Meg and Williams's big day was extremely magical and worth it. This is the reason why we do what we do and we live for every bit of it.

It is very important to etch the memory of your wedding day into a perfect film to look back to with your family after some time. We can add little snippets of your story into the wedding and make it a perfect highlight of you two and your life together.


Venue: Crear / Wee Weddings | /

Photographer: Alex Sarginson Photography |

Piper: Iain


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