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Kim + Donald | Dalmahoy

Weddings are one of the most amazing events that take place in a person’s lifetime. From the day the couple decides to get married, the preparations for the wedding begin. Different venues are visited, churches are evaluated, reception lunch/dinner is brainstormed and different decoration options are explored.

Kim and Donald also went through the same phase and decided to get married in Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club. The duo met when Kim visited Edinburgh in 2019 for her birthday and have been together ever since, just because Kim turned around. Kim and Donald walked past each other as strangers, without interaction until Kim heard herself being called. Donald’s friends called her back and encouraged Donald to speak with her since it was her last day in the capital. Donald already had feelings for her and couldn’t miss the chance. They wouldn’t have seen each other again and she would’ve left Scotland just happy to have come on holiday. Donald’s friends bolstered up his courage at the right moment and that split second made a difference.

Upon talking to the couple regarding their first interaction they review it as a great and startling encounter. we are now together, spending the rest of their lives together. The wedding bells were rung on 13th April 2022 as Kim and Donald got married at St Mary's Church on the grounds of Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club with the reception in the hotel itself. The ceremony at the St. Marys Church was magical. The charming church dates back to 1850 and it is a perfect play for a fairy-tale Scottish wedding. The wedding day was an amazing one. It was filled with vibrancy and full of fun throughout the day. The African Themed entrance of the groom and bride before dinner was one of the coolest entries we have witnessed to date. It was a unique adventure that the couple underwent to make their wedding a memorable one. Just before the first dance, there was a great dance performance from Zulu dancers which was a treat to watch and film. It was fun working alongside photographer Chris Radley and our friend, Euan Lawrence from Tartan Entertainment.

Suppliers: Venue: Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club | Photographer: Chris Radley | Minister: Christine Downey Entertainment: Euan Lawrence from Tartan Entertainment | Florist: Garlands Florist | 360 Camera: KayGroup 360 camera |


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