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Helly + Brad | Crear

Imagine walking, wearing a dapper suit, beside a beautiful bride donned in a stunning white dress with mesmerizing scenery that lays as far as we see. The scenery including beautiful beach with the sea and mountains in the distance, that perfectly adjusts to the dream wedding you wish for. How fascinating will it be to say “I do” holding the hands of your bride while the waves crash behind you? Magical!

Helen and Brad travelled all the way to have their special day from Herefordshire to Crear, on the West Coast of Scotland. They wanted to make their day a memorable one and hence buckled up to film their magical elopement wedding in a fascinating venue. It was another stunning day weather-wise if not freezing cold and the hills over on Jura could be clearly seen.

Brad who is from New Mills in the Peak District but close to the Cheshire border and a lifelong Manchester Utd supporter and Helly who is from Dorset and a Yeovil town Supporter. This is the story of a couple whose wedding dismantle the North-South divide. Their common traits and likeness paved the way to film their elopement wedding in a beautiful place.

They both have a love of walking and the great outdoors. Living near the Brecon beacons heading out to the hills is a common occurrence. Besides, they have departed on many adventures, both home and away, that have been had over the 7 years they have been together.

They have collected many memories like walking the Pico Mountains in Madeira above the clouds and carrying a French lady’s rucksack as well as our own to enable the couple to finish the walk. They have walked the Chepstow to Hereford leg of the wye valley walk, stopping at several watering holes along the route and meeting many new friends. Helly and Brad met in a rather unsurprising way. They were to meet in the All Guys Breakfast Club in the morning which Helly planned to gate crash. Helly successfully entered the breakfast club morning meetup but wasn’t able to meet Brad who didn’t attend the meetup that week. She grabbed a friend of his and planned with him to call Brad in a coffee shop. Brad’s friend phoned him up to say get off my butt (don’t be so lazy) and meet him for a brew.

The gate crasher surprised turned into a coffee shop surprise. Helly and Brad met there, had a chit chat and unraveled the knots of the relationship. So a coffee shop was the location and things went on from there.

After 7 years of relationship and walking in magical places with hands held together, the duo got engaged on Pen Y Fan - the Brecon Beacons in 2021. “Every journey starts with a single step. But it's not just about the journey but who you travel with that makes the adventure”. – Helly and Brad

It was a pleasure working with the team at Crear, as always and also Gavin MacQueen Photography who we had a great day working with again. If you wish to enjoy a story similar to them and want to deliver a magical wedding day you know who to contact. We are a contact away to give you a wedding experience of a lifetime. Suppliers: Venue: Crear / Wee Weddings | Photographer: Gavin MacQueen Photography | Flowers: Blooming Wild Crear Flowers |

Registrar: Lorna Wilson - Argyll and Bute Registrars | Hair: Hazel from Fusion Hairdressing |


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