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Chloe + Nick | Gosford House

Chloe and Nick embarked on their journey to forever on a splendid 22nd July 2023, surrounded by the timeless elegance of Gosford House near Longniddry.

I had the pleasure of capturing every nuance of their love story unfolding amidst the grandeur of this majestic estate. Partnering seamlessly with the acclaimed photographer Derek Christie Photography, known for his mastery in immortalising love stories, our collaboration promised to craft an unforgettable visual narrative.

The morning preparations buzzed with anticipation in the quaint locale of Leith, where Chloe entrusted her bridal transformation to the skilled artisans at Honey and Violet. Bathed in soft morning light, Chloe emerged as a vision of ethereal beauty in her exquisite white gown, a radiant symbol of the love that filled the air. Each moment was a testament to the palpable excitement building towards the ceremony, setting the stage for a day filled with magic.

At 1 pm, Chloe and Nick exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony officiated by Sandy Geddes, surrounded by their closest friends and family. As Chloe made her entrance down the stunning marble staircase, Nick's eyes sparkled with emotion, a poignant moment immortalised in their bespoke Gosford House Wedding Video — a timeless memento to cherish for generations. It was an honour to witness the unfiltered emotions and profound connection shared between them, a love story unfolding in real-time.

Following the ceremony, Derek Christie Photography and I ventured into the sprawling grounds of the estate, where Chloe and Nick reveled in the euphoria of their union. It was a privilege to document their unbridled joy and shared laughter, each frame a testament to the depth of their connection and the promise of a lifetime of happiness together.

The ensuing reception was a jubilant celebration of love and togetherness, with Nick, flanked by his best men Akan and Andy, delivering heartfelt speeches that resonated deeply with all present.

Against the backdrop of Gosford House's regal splendour, guests reveled in the melodic strains of Brother Man, whose soulful tunes echoed the sentiments of the day.

Throughout, the venue was adorned with floral arrangements exuding timeless elegance, complemented by decor that spoke volumes about Chloe and Nick's impeccable taste and attention to detail. From delicate blooms to meticulously curated centerpieces, every aspect of the decor added to the enchantment of the occasion, transforming the space into a veritable oasis of romance.

As dusk descended, casting a golden hue over the festivities, Chloe and Nick shared their first dance — a moment of pure magic immortalised in exquisite detail by our team, the evening was a symphony of joy, laughter, and cherished memories.

Choosing We Are One Wedding Films means entrusting your most precious memories to a team dedicated to capturing the essence of your love story in cinematic splendour. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for storytelling, we ensure that every moment of your special day is immortalised in breathtaking detail, a timeless tribute to your enduring love and devotion.

VENUE | Gosford House |

PHOTOGRAPHER | Derek Christie Photography |

FLOWERS | Mood Flowers |

TRANSPORT | Ultimate Private Hire |

CATERING | Platter and Pop |

HAIR AND MAKE UP | Honey and Violet |

BAND | Brother Man |

LINEN/CHAIRS | 88 Events |

ENTERTAINMENT | Sticks n Kicks |

SOS Singing Waiters |


PHOTOBOOTH | Blush Booth |

CAKE | Liggys Cakes |


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