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Ashleigh + Ben | The Den at Culross

Nestled amidst the rustic charm of The Den at Culross, Ashleigh and Ben embarked on their journey of love on a chilly yet sun-kissed spring day on 30th March 2024. The aura of warmth enveloped every soul present as they witnessed the union of two hearts amidst nature's embrace.

The Den at Culross perfectly captured the essence of this magical day for their wedding video, immortalising each moment with finesse. From the gentle rustle of Ashleigh's elegant gown as she walked down the aisle to the heartfelt vows exchanged during celebrant Hazels service, every detail was meticulously preserved.

The morning preparations, adorned with laughter and shared joy, saw Ashleigh getting ready with her bridesmaids, while the skilled hands of Lauren Spriddle and Heather Niblo worked their magic.

The timeless blooms from Irene's Florist and the elegant decor set the stage for a night of revelry and joy.

Amidst laughter and dance, Ashleigh and Ben's love story unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on every heart present.

For couples seeking to immortalise their love story in a rustic yet elegant manner, We Are One Wedding Films stands as the epitome of excellence. With a knack for capturing the soul of each moment, they transform weddings into timeless tales of love and romance. Trust in We Are One Wedding Films to weave your love story into an unforgettable cinematic masterpiece.

VENUE | The Den at Culross |

CELEBRANT | Hazel Sharp |

PHOTOGRAPHER | Matthew Johnston |

2nd FILMMAKER | Lewis Nicol Wedding Films |

FLORIST | Irenes Florist |

CATERING | Regis Banqueting |

BAND | Sneaky Treacle |

PIZZA VAN | Mangiamo Pizza |

CHILDCARE | Kaitlyns Kiddie Care |


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