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Aimee + Scott | The Den at Culross

The Den at Culross provided an idyllic backdrop for Aimee and Scott's nuptials, with mild and sunny weather blessing their special day, the charming venue exuded an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Working alongside the talented Gary Bonar Photography for the first time, we formed a dynamic team that perfectly complemented each other's skills. Our shared vision and enthusiasm for capturing unforgettable memories brought out the best in both of us.

With seamless coordination and a great sense of humour, we ensured that Aimee and Scott's love story would be told through both stunning photographs and a captivating wedding video.In the morning, as Aimee prepared for her big day, Nicole from NC Hair skilfully crafted her stunning hairstyle. Hollie and Kristen from Hollie & Co added the perfect touches to her makeup, enhancing her natural beauty.

Aimee's bridal squad, consisting of Kelly, Amber, Ashley and Rachel, brought an extra touch of joy and excitement to the day. Their presence added to the anticipation and happiness that filled the air. These wonderful ladies ensured that Aimee's journey to the altar was one filled with support, love, and cherished memories.

The wedding ceremony, a heartfelt service was conducted by our good friend, Lucy Black. Aimee, radiant in her wedding gown, gracefully walked down the aisle, capturing the attention of everyone present, especially Scott, whose love for her shone brightly in his eyes.

The reception was a grand affair with the reception room filled with the beautiful flowers from Irene’s Flowers. The venue was adorned with nature's finest creations, adding a touch of elegance and vibrancy to the already enchanting atmosphere. Touching speeches from Aimee's dad, Scott, David, and Liam left not a single dry eye in the room. Each speaker eloquently shared their love and admiration for the couple, making the atmosphere all the more emotional and unforgettable.

As the evening progressed, the wedding took on a new energy. Aimee and Scott shared their first dance as a married couple, swaying to the enchanting rendition of Calvin Harris' "Feel so Close" sung by Ginny and the Tonic. Deck and Dance further set the stage for an unforgettable evening with their high-energy performances, ensuring the dance floor remained lively and electric.

Aside from the enchanting moments that unfolded throughout the day, Aimee and Scott also took some time to capture their love in breath-taking photographs and video footage.

The beautiful grounds of The Den at Culross provided the perfect backdrop for these cherished memories. The couple radiated pure joy, making our task as wedding videographers an absolute delight.

If you are planning your own dream wedding, We Are One Wedding Films is the ideal choice for capturing every magical moment. Our experience, creativity, and dedication to telling your unique love story through film ensure that your wedding video will be a cherished memento, encapsulating the essence of your special day for years to come.


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